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Loneliness poisons the body!

In a sea of 7.8 billion people, we are lonelier than ever, how is it possible?

The pace of life has been steadily increasing throughout the centuries and productivity has been keeping pace with it. This means that we get more and more demands for our daily time. If one considers the amount of time spent in front of a digital display compared to a just a decade ago, the change is mammoth. The internet is the ultimate game-changer, but it created a culture of isolation. We not longer need to have physical contact to communicate, interact, and/or buy goods or services. This has big implications for human relationships and loneliness. The digital connection can't replace the physical connection. We are biological organisms and need the exchange of organic chemicals that physical connections provide.

Other relevant factors are industrialization, automation, and lack of empathy. In a materialistic society like ours, we are bombarded daily with over 40,000 advertisements per day to buy, buy, buy... humans are losing the fight. They have bought into this "I need to have this..." mentally, and the spiritual and connected aspect of our existence has taken a back seat. Monetary currency (money) is a primal necessity of this system of belief and we end up spending all our waking time in the pursue of these material currencies. There is no time for empathy and as such loneliness is reborn daily.

Humans are social creatures, they need to be part of a community. In order to eliminate loneliness, we must make networking a primary goal. Social networks, family networks, and friendly networks must be created, maintain, and nurture daily. This is what I call the "Networks are Thyself". All we are just is a very sophisticated network!

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