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IGNOVIRUS (IV-20).... The New Pandemic of the Twenty-First Century!

We are in the midst of a new pandemic, IgnoVirus (IV-20, the virus of IGNORANCE) is taking hold of the world population at an alarming rate. The symptoms are very severe. People infected with the virus have shown: Brain impairment (inability to analyze simple task), Logic malfunction (inability to comprehend when they are being lied to), Emotional tantrum (emotional outburst at the slightest stimulus), Blindness (inability to see injustice, real issues, and planet destruction), Stupidity (inability to solve simple problems), and in some extreme cases even Death (from severe depression resulting in suicide).

How can such a virus survive, and thrive, on the age of the internet? An epoch when information is at your fingertip. One can learn today anything one desires for free! How then can be we have an increase in Ignorance of epidemic proportions? The evidence of this pandemic is all over the social media, news, and daily current events. People, in general, seem to lack emotional intelligence. They fight and engage in heated arguments over silly believes that can be easily solved if they bother to comprehend the root cause of it. Ten percent of the population of our planet is responsible for all the scientific and technological developments; the rest ninety percent is content with just using these technologies without wanting to take the time to understand how science and technology works. The capacity to understand the existential challenges of the world today requires high intellectual capital which unfortunately a small minority only possesses. The good news is that anybody wanting to get to this level of reasoning and understanding can do so with the necessary amount of time and effort.

The vaccine to the IgnoVirus (IV-20) Epidemic is a combination of things. I will explore just some of the top five answers. This malady, IV-20, arrived as a result of our current living environment.

1. Information Overload. We are being bombarded with information on a daily basis. The average person gets exposed to over five thousand ads per day! Social media, email, news, traditional media, jobs, and school, are all competing for our attention. With such much data taxing the brain, it has no choice but to "lock-out" as a surviving mechanism. To remedy this situation we must learn to "consume" and analyze information quickly and efficiently, then we can deal with information overload.

2. Laziness. Modern society keeps getting better and better at providing a great variety of products and services with easy convenience. Without relatively very little effort we can get just about anything for a reasonable price. This economy of plenty is not encouraging people to go out and create the products or services they need but to just go to the supermarket or convenience store and purchase it. To overcome this laziness of plenty, we must make an extra effort and actually produce stuff, ideas, and work out our bodies as well. Motion of the body (exercise) helps promote brain clarify and avoid the fog associated with the IV-20

3. Complexity. The argument I most commonly hear as to why people don't want to learn is that it too complicated or the topic is too complex. Very few people understand the dynamic of Neural Networks, for example, as they claim the math involved is too complex. Or Quantum mechanics is too complex for the average individual, this is False! Any topic is complex when you don't understand it. If you take the time to read about it, study it until you get it, then the complexity will disappear. So you see, it is NOT that it is complex, it was just that you didn't get it! The way to eliminate complexity is to continue to learn, you have to become a "Life Long Learner"!

4. Nutrition. The gut microbiota is sometimes referred to as our "second brain". There are more neurons on the gut than are in the spine. Research shows that gut bacteria are integral contributors to the development and functions of the nervous system. We are "what we eat". The typical western diets are not providing nutrition to the gut microbiota and it is also contributing to the detriment of the health of the population at large. A brain that is not provided the proper nutrition is a prime candidate for the IV-20 epidemic. Our children are even more vulnerable to this disease as their brain is developing. The solution: get a "balance, plant-based" nutrition plan. It will improve your cognitive abilities and help you prevent IV-20.

5. Stress. Our society's stress level is at an all-time high. All the above factors coupled with toxic chemical overexposure, lack of nutrition, lack of exercise, an overabundance of calorie-dense, nutrition-poor food, financial concerns are all leading to a higher level of stress. Stress is the main cause of all major ills. When the body ills learning can't happen and IV-20 is invited in. One must master how to minimize stress. Only this level of mastery will kill the IV-20 progression and increase your overall happiness.

It's not too late to intervene to stop the progression of the IgnoVirus (IV-20)..... But you must take action today. Armed yourself with the proper knowledge and you will have a fighting chance.

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