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How do you fight Coronavirus?

The best way to fight Coronavirus is to develop a "Strong Immune System"!

Multicellular organisms, metazoans, started about 600 million years ago. The planet had an oxygen-rich environment during this time, and life seems to have exploded during this period, so much so that scientists called the period the “evolutionary big bang.” Our innate immunity got its origin from these early eukaryotes, cells that contain a nucleus and organelles, and are enclosed by a plasma membrane. Examples are protozoa—single-cell eukaryotic organisms—plants, animals, and fungi. Eukaryotic cells are larger and more complex than prokaryotic cells, which are found in Archaea and Bacteria—the other two forms of life. One early form of eukaryotic life is the amoeba. The amoebas, with their see-through bodies and single-cell organism, are ideal for studying the cell mechanism and processes. When they feed, one can see what looks like an early form macrophage—a type of blood cell of the immune system, cells that engulf and digest pathogens—at work.

The AIS in eukaryotes comes from the urge of unicellular microorganisms such as amoeba to discriminate between food, itself, and other amoebas. Without this mechanism, they will eat themselves and will create their own extinction. The mechanism that gives the amoebas the ability to differentiate between food, itself, and other forms of biomass, pathogens, is similar, we can infer, to the most basic function of the immune system. The immune system needs to know when it is under attack; it must destroy only the invader, not itself or its host. Like macrophages, amoebas move around randomly, unless they detect an invader; then, they head in the same direction to eliminate the threat. All animals have a population of phagocytic cells in their immune system which patrol the body, and which have much in common with amoebas.

Innate immunity is the type of immunity with which we are born. Acquired immunity, on the other hand, refers to enhancements to the immune system—by nature and or environmental conditions. We fight specific viruses and develop immunity; this development is adaptive or acquired immunity. The immune system is charged with fighting what the body considers pathogens or foreign bodies that can harm the body. When this system is in a healthy state, the response to attack is fast and efficient.

Those people that focus on optimizing their immune system seldom get sick and, if they do, they recover rather quickly. This is equivalent to have a strong army in a city that is being attacked. If the army is efficient and in good health, it will quickly dispose of the enemy. This city will rarely get attacked and, in those instances in which it does, victory is certain most of the time. Eat right, exercise, meditate, lower your daily stresses and you will make your immune system stronger and you will get a better chance to fight Coronavirus.

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