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a way of life


 The Seven Noble Truths


  1. The Body is Thy Temple

  2. Stress-free is Thy Answer

  3. Execution begets Peak Performance

  4. Food is Thy Medicine

  5. Body in Motion is Thy Path

  6. Mind Mastery is Thy Tool

  7. Networks are Thyself

Student Behind the Books

  On Becoming Efenian

Homo Sapiens, the Human Genus, has evolved after billions of years when a single cell organism started to differentiate itself and created variety. This initial level of complexity was magnified millions of times throughout the entire history of human evolution to produce the phenotype that humans possess today. Our legs, hands, two eyes, brains, and the features that make truly humans evolved by natural selection to give us a very unique competitive advantage over all other earth species and made us reign supreme at the top of the food chain. 

       Despite our highly evolved brain and agile bodies, the human race is very fragile and lives on a very thin thread of balance between suffering and happiness. In spite of our advances in technologies, the human race today is sicker than ever. Obesity is at epidemic levels and chronic diseases like heart diseases, diabetics, cancers, and many other chronic illnesses continue to climb in spite of our medical advances. The World Health Organization projects that within the next year chronic diseases will account for almost three-quarters of deaths worldwide. 

       Efenians are a class of individuals that are committed to holistic health and happiness. An Efenian is a person that is “the very best version of herself”, She has the best possible physical condition and possesses mind control that allows her to stay in a happy state (i.e. a state flow) for the longest span of time. A complete version of Happiness is best described as to be in a state of “balance”, what the Buddha called the “Mid-way”. Being in balance means that one is not living at either extreme of every concern, but instead one is living in a happy medium between the two extremes, that is where happiness resides. An Efenian is a person that mastered this state of balance. 

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