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Efenian - The Book of Life

The Seven Noble Truths

Finally, we have all the guiding principles,  Seven Noble Truths, to a happy life in an easy to follow, comprehensive, and scientific-based book.


     Efenians - The Book of Life describes the life path one must follow in order to achieve success, health, and happiness (i.e., Efenian's way). The search for happiness is one of our most basic rights and most agree with the fact it is the one thing we are all pursuing. In spite of this, very few people get to live in constant state happiness (i.e., state of joy, flow). Modern humans spend most of their life in a reactive mode responding to all their daily demands, social pressures, and the pull and push of mundane existence. 

    This book describes in detail all the aspects and factors needed to reach a rich and fulfilled life. The Seven Noble Truths are all the guiding principles needed to reach "the best version of you, enlightenment, and the optimum level of happiness.  


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