Out of a temple, a young monk emerges,

Fetching for answers, we’ve been pondering for ages.

‘To thy mountain peak must head,’  life’s trek!

Oh,  God’s food, dare not neglect.

‘Let’s go now, down,’ thy paths be found

Many tools abound; take me to the ground.

My end is near, no fear, found destiny light

Many fires as one shine bright!

      -The Efenian 

Watercolor Butterfly 1

JC Paulino



MISION: To improve humanity and transform the plane, One Person at a  Time!


An Efenian is a person who is totally committed to holistic health, happiness, and continuous personal improvement.  Efenians live by a simple code: 




LIVE: Live your best possible life, with the highest state of mental and physical fitness and virtuous life;  where you are the Best Version of you!

LOVE: Only by opening your heart and allow love to dominate will give one the mental fortitude to work together to better our planet.

Love is everything, and everything is love - J. Lennon


LAUGH: Laughter is the best medicine. The medicinal power of laughter has been extensively documented. It also allows us to reach a relaxed state of mind where the possibility of improvement is plentiful. 


LEARNWisdom is the ultimate goal. For one who is learned have access to understanding life's suffering and success.

As a member of our Society, you get to share ideas with other members, review areas where you could be personally struggling. Maybe you are having difficulties managing your weight, or reducing stress,  or just getting things done! That is our mission, to explore all the truly matters in life. We aim to LIVE the best possible life, to LOVE, and show compassion and to LAUGH and have fun always and to LEARN... Life is too short, don't just go aimless thorough mundane existence, Join us, and start  LIVING your best possible life!

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Efenians commit to following these primal truths

1st NOBLE TRUTH:  The Body is Thy temple  

                         I pledge to treat my body like a “temple” of my soul, to revere it.                            I pledge to holistic fitness for life (FQ factor of 90 or better).-Optimize fitness.  

2nd  NOBLE TRUTH: Stress-free is Thy Answer

                I pledge to eliminate all stresses (Chemical, Physical and Mental) out of my life.  

 I pledge to love myself, laugh often, and remember that I am unique, powerful and intelligent.


3rd   NOBLE TRUTHExecution begets Peak Performance

 I pledge to execute my actions, be virtuous and respect all life. All life has equal value.    

4th  NOBLE  TRUTH: Food is Thy Medicine

 I pledge to only eat food that heals and grows my body, organic plant-based nutrition.

5th  NOBLE  TRUTHBody in Motion is Thy Path

 I pledge to frequently exercise and/or do physical activity at least 4 times a week.  

6th  NOBLE  TRUTHMind Mastery is Thy Tool

                 I pledge to stay positive and “centered”  under any,  if not all,  situations.                    I pledge to be a curious “life-long” learner of all scientific knowledge -cultivate wisdom. 


7th  NOBLE  TRUTH: Network are Thyself

  I pledge to be thankful, generous and serve others to better humanity.